Why does my cat lick me?

Why does my cat lick me?

Cats are one of the most common pets. These cute animals are loved by many people. And they also love their owners in return. Did you know that according to a certain behavior of a cat, you can understand how she shows love or what she wants from you? Cats, like humans, have a character and their behavior, they also have habits by which you can understand a certain desire or purpose of a cat. Many people have observed that cats often lick their owners, but what is the reason for this action? There are several reasons why cats lick people. These are not bad reasons at all, but rather good ones, so you can be delighted to know them:)

The main reasons why cats lick people?

There are many reasons why cats like to lick a person. But let’s give a hint that cats will never lick a person they don't like. If a cat licks you, then the cat likes you :) Now let’s consider the main reasons for this behavior of cats.

  • Manistification of love: People show their love and care to each other with words, hugs, and actions. Cats show their tenderness, care, and love when they lick. They can lick not only a person but also each other. For example, a mother cat licks her kittens very often. So she shows them how much she loves them. If a cat licked you, know that this is how she shows her sincere feelings, try to accept the care and affection of your cat, answer with mutual affection)
  • Own owner: Cats lick not all people in a row, very rarely cats lick unfamiliar people. They mostly like to lick their owners. The reason is that this is how they mark the person as part of their family. If you paid attention earlier, the moment when you just adopted the kitten, he behaves differently at the beginning, because he does not trust you yet. But after a while, the stage of addiction comes, and at this stage, the cats mark their owners, lick them, and show their affectionate welcome to their family.
  • Bad mood: Did you know that cats feel their person? Just like close to each other, people or family members feel each other, try to help each other, and understand, cats also try to understand their owner. If you are in a bad mood, and you think that no one around has noticed or supported you, then you are mistaken. Your cats felt it, at such moments, cats feel sorry for their owners and lick them. So they try to calm their owners. I’m sure after this action of your cat, you will cheer up) After all, there is such a cute creature, who loves you.

Why my cat doesn't lick me?

Some people complain that their cats do not lick them and that means they do not love them and do not show their affection. I want to please you, this is not at all the case, if the cat does not lick you, this does not mean that cat does not love you. All cats have their character and habits, but this also depends on their upbringing. If the cat does not lick, then this is not in her habit and the cat shows love in a different way. There are several ways to understand pet’s love.

  • The cat rubs against you: If a cat rubs against you, then this is how the cat shows love and acceptance. That you are dear to the cat and that you are part of the cat’s family.
  • The cat follows you: If you notice that your cat does not leave you alone, don't be afraid. This is a sign of strong affection. Your cat loves you very much and is attracted to you
  • Gentle purr: A gentle purr means that your cat is pleased with you, and wants to show his love to touch your heart. But do not confuse this with a hissing purr, it means on the contrary, that the cat is not pleased with something.
  • Cat twitches its tail: If the cat twitches its tail or rubs it about you, then this is another method of showing love and care. The cat is glad to see you and wants you to hold, or wants to hug your legs and show care. Behavior and actions show a lot: attitude, love, care, anger. If you study the behavior of your cat, you can feel and understand your cat.