How to determine the gender of a cat


Gender is what defines masculinity and femininity and divides into two main groups (male/ female). Gender is identified focusing on biological characteristics (body parts) and by a combination of sex chromosomes (XY, ZW, XO, ZO). All people, animals, insects, mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians have their gender. Many people are interested in how to determine the sex of a kitten without the help of a veterinarian. You can easily determine the sex of a kitten if you know a few important aspects:)

Why do you need to know the gender of the cat?

If you have a small meowing fluffy pet at home, then you probably wondered what gender this cat is. Because gender has a big influence on the future development of the cat. There are several important reasons why you should know the gender of your cat. The first reason is a nickname. Every caring owner wants to call the cat affectionately by name. It gives a special meaning and affection to your pet. To put a name for your cat, you need to determine its gender, otherwise, you can randomly put a female name to a male cat. The second reason is to find out what type of veterinary products you need to steer the cat. Some people do not want their female cat to give birth and do sterilization. There are many other reasons why people want to neuter their cats. And to do it safely you need to use certain products depending on the sex of the pet. The third reason is the choice of the cat. There are situations when people are given a kitten or they buy a kitten and are not satisfied with the gender of the kitten. Therefore, to avoid such situations, ask or determine the gender, because you take responsibility for them and should be satisfied by your choice.

What external factors can be used to determine the gender of a kitten?

There are different methods and factors by which it is easy to determine the sex of the cat. First is the appearance of the genitals of the cat. To determine the gender, you need to look and slightly touch the genitals. How to do it?

  • Wash your hands with warm water
  • Place the kitten on the soft surface
  • Stroke the kitten’s tail for him to rise
  • Examine the genitals area

You will see two holes, the back one is the anus, it is closer to the tail. And below the tail, the genitals are located. From them, you can identify gender. The genitalia of the female cat– a vertical slit and is very short, approximately (3–5) mm. Also, the vulva–area that shares the anal opening has to hair. The male cat’s genital opening is longer than the female’s, it is approximately (1cm) in length. They also have a scrotum between the foreskin and the anus. The scrotum is covered with fur. When the male cat is 9 days old the genital area is already covered with hair and is much fluffier than female ones.

The second method is palpation. You need to run the pad of your finger from the anus to the urethra. If you feel the seal, then this is the male cat, because in the female’s anus–urethra area the seal is not perceptible.

The third method is color. You can determine the color of the cat. Mostly ginger color, black and ginger, tricolor (black +white+ ginger) is found in female cats. All due to a combination of sex chromosomes. It is very rare to find a tricolor male cat, probability is 1/1000.

When is the best time to determine the gender of a cat?

It is better to determine the sex of the kitten at 3–4 weeks. Up to 3 weeks it is difficult to determine correctly and it is not recommended to pick up a very small kitten. Only professionals can determine the gender 1 week after the birth. There are also several aspects (rules) that you should pay attention to before checking.

  • Do not separate the kitten from feeding and do not take it from the mother for more than a few minutes.
  • Before, be sure to wash your hands with warm water, but without using a soup.
  • Take the kitten in your arms very carefully, otherwise, you can damage its bones.
  • Do not pull his tail and if he breaks out of your hands, then postpone the procedure

In order not to detain the kitten, you can take a picture of the genital area and determine the gender with careful inspection:)