Can cats eat bread?


Bread is found in almost every home. It is a food product that is baked from flour. It seemed that it was just a piece of flour, which was mixed with water and baked, but this piece has a lot of useful things in it. Bread contains amino acids (leucine, tryptophan, isoleucine, methionine); vitamins (B, A, K, E); cellulose; carbohydrates. And here the question arises: Is it ok to feed cats with a useful product–bread? The answer is YES, but you should know some important aspects before you feed your cat a piece of bread:)

Is it ok to feed cats with bread? The answer is YES, but you should know some important aspects before you feed your cat a piece of bread:)

Why do cats love bread?

You probably noticed that your cat wants to taste the bread. If you want to know the reason, then the reason lies in the composition of bread. The fact is that yeast is added to the bread dough to rise, the bread dough rises during baking and the smell of yeast remains on it. This smell is very attractive to your cat. The smell of yeast after baking cannot be understood by everyone, but cats have 14 times stronger sense of smell than humans and feel this attractive smell for them very well. In addition, yeast is commonly used as an animal food flavor, so this smell may sound familiar to your cat, so don’t be surprised at the cat’s unusual desires.

Is bread bad for cats?

Bread does not harm the metabolism of cats if given in small quantities. However, not all types of bread can be given to cats. After all, there are different types of bread, which may contain garlic, nuts, and raisins and these products are very difficult to digest for cats. The bodies of cats are built in such a way that they poorly digest some products, including flour products. Do not give bread to the cat too often, because it may cause stomach problems. Also, if you decide to give a piece of bread, then it is better to choose rye bread because it contains fewer calories, carbohydrates, and starch. Or if you cook it yourself, try to add less sugar and salt and do not add raisins, nuts, or garlic. In this case, it will be less harmful to your cat, but there is still a possibility to cause diseases. Therefore, do not add bread to the list of regular foods, if your cat wants to try bread, you can give it in small quantities, but don't forget to check the composition of bread.

In what proportions should bread be given to cats?

As we mentioned earlier, bread is not harmful to cats and can be given in small amounts, but how often? To answer this question, we need to go through the composition of the bread again. Bread contains vitamins and minerals but also contains a lot of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are difficult to digest and can lead to diseases in cats such as obesity and diabetes. Also remember that cats need to eat foods, which are rich in protein, not carbohydrates. You can give your cat bread 1–4 times a month in small amounts, but do not add bread to the cat’s constant diet, because flour products and lack of taurine (amino-acid found in foods that are rich in protein) can lead to problems such as: lethargy, tooth decay, reproductive diseases, gassing in the stomach, hair lose

You can feed your cat with bread, but also remember to add protein-rich foods to their menu so that your cat’s diet will be balanced and healthy. Cats eat about 125-300 grams of food per day. You can divide these grams into 4 parts. 3 parts can be foods rich in protein and 1 part can be some tasty food that does not harm the cat’s metabolism. Stay happy and healthy: )